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For over 40 years performance has been the prime function of Kammo. It's what Kammo is famous for. Fashion has never been our objective, event though most customers would tell you they both feel good and they look good in Kammo!

Kammo ..... the story so far.....


All about Kammo


What Kammo gives you above all else is rugged honest performance. We are proud of our reputation of being one of the few companies who make excessive claims about their products and live up to them!

Kammo gives you supreme weather proofing. Time after reliable time. That's why our biggest single group of customers is the professionals - foresters, stalkers, 'keepers, wardens, wildlife cameramen and the like.

Kammo is the favourite of the kind of country user who stays outdoors when the others have been driven inside. Kammo gets you home and dry when mother nature throws the book at you.

Everything in Kammo is an adaptation to the environment it's designed for, and the attributes that the truly serious country user needs for satisfactory performance.

Our fabrics are selected with the most careful scrutiny and testing of their performance characteristics, with special attention being paid to comfort, uncompromising weather resistance, tear resistance, abrasion resistance and quietness.

Kammo have been making and selling 'top-class' technical performance clothing and accessories for professionals and serious field sportsmen and women since 1971. We have listened to what our customers have said the the last 40 years, so our products have, in a sense, been designed by people just like you.

What we have needed to do is translate those 'instructions' into garments that really work, using the best fabrics possible and incorporating the design features that you want. But keep those comments coming. We never stop adding to and improving our range.

We manufacture our products with care, using the latest technologies, in a small selection of garmentsm all of them specially designed to give unbeatable standards for their function.

Our customers know when a garment works and they come back to us time and time again, although not as often as we would like because Kammo products last so long!


At Kammo we pride ourselves on our fabrics. To make a garment that stands up to our not inconsiderable claims we insist on using the best fabrics for the purpose . We aim to make a garment that lasts and gives you the best value for money.

A key feature of Tufflex is the sheer amount of thread per square metre, and this is one of the reasons for the extreme durability - there's simply a lot of fabric there!  A uniquely complex weave gives Tufflex its powerful blend of suppleness with strength, giving the fabric its renowned comfort and silence. All our fabrics are impregnated with fluoro-carbons which make them highly water repellent.

TUFFLEX - The most rugged outer shell fabric


Tufflex C is the 100% camouflaged version of Tufflex. It is produced to phenomenally stringent specification using the finest dyes in the world, which exhibit variable infra-red absorption for night time camouflaging and for the observation of many animals whose eyes are infra red adapted. Tufflex C has been shown to be the single most versatile camouflage for multiple terrains. It works by deception not imitation.


Tuffsuede is our base material upon which our photo realistic Realtree patterns are reproduced. Quiet, soft and with a sueded finish it is as tough, tugged, water repellent and as tear resistant as our Tufflex and Tufflex C fabrics.

Vaporflex is the central layer of our 3-layer construction system and the waterproof, breathable barrier in our two layer system garments. Vaporflex is totally waterproof giving you above average life, is quiet in use, durable and water vapour permable for comfort. Vaporflex is a top of the range waterproof, breathable fabric with a very high water penetration resistance. It is ideal for the harshest conditions and professional uses.



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